“The exciting Memphis Art Park proposal makes a new use of the [Promenade] site without changing its civic nature. Creating the Art Park on this block would be a great benefit to the riverfront and downtown, and deserves City support.”
— Jeff Speck, world-renown city planner and urban designer, jeffspeck.com

MAP's Mission is to:

  • offer facilities, resources, showcase space and high-profile visibility for emerging artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs;
  • foster a synergistic environment where artist support and entrepreneurial development are shared goals among MAP’s partner organizations; 
  • provide the University of Memphis with a downtown arts presence via MAP, which in turn would help it further integrate with the Memphis community;
  • serve as a forum and incubator that would catalyze integration, interaction and idea exchange among our city’s creative minds;
  • provide arts education and community outreach programs for children as well as low-income and minority communities; +
  • create a beautiful, dynamic downtown destination where locals and tourists can enjoy our city’s emerging arts & culture amid spectacular views of the river.